Make homework suck less.

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Quixaro’s live newsfeed, classroom pages, and individual profiles will keep you up to speed on what your friends and classmates are working on.

Contact your peers using chat or invite them to a Study Sesh to get work done.

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Study Sesh

Conquer anything from a problem set to a cram sesh. Study with your friends and classmates using video conferences equipped with multi-user whiteboards, collaborative word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, interactive file-sharing, and more.

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The Library stores all of the work you do in your Study Sessions, and enables you to share your notes, study guides, and old whiteboards with the rest of the Quixaro community. This is also where you'll find resources your friends have shared with you.

When collaborating with friends, you can access your Library in the middle of a Study Sesh and share a file with a friend or two (or three...or eight).

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